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About Affordable Business Websites (ABW)

ABW (Affordable Business Websites) by Neturf is dedicated to helping new, and small businesses, that require an online, professionally built, responsive (mobile-friendly), SEO-friendly websites for well under $300!

  • WIX, GoDaddy Website Builder, WordPress, and other free website programs require you to setup your website, (often resulting in a less-than-professional looking website that’s not SEO-friendly, and sometimes not even mobile-friendly).

  • All our systems are initially built and setup by a professional designer saving you the time and effort from figuring out how to build a website that actually works for your business.

  • And BEST OF ALL, once developed, our website solutions can be managed by the business, as needed, without having to know any HTML or programming.
  • Affordable Business Websites uses a content management system that will allow you to make future website content changes without having to know HTML or any programming!

  • The easy to use WYSIWYG editor (similar to Microsoft Word) allows you to highlight a word, and click the B to bold a word. As easy as that!

  • Once your website is live and helping your business grow, your system can grow with you (without limitations like most boxed solutions like Wix, WordPress, GoDaddy Website Builder and other limited solutions). You can check out a plethora of ideas on how your new ABW website can be tailored to meet your needs here.

ABW’s parent organization Neturf has been helping small, medium and enterprise businesses for over 19 years, since 1999. Learn more about Neturf here.